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Hørsholm, 21 June 2021

Immudex and immunAware enter a partnership to boost the field of immune monitoring and single-cell multi-omics by expanding the availability of immunAware’s loadable MHC technology – easYmer®.

Immudex and immunAware announce a business collaboration aimed at broadening the availability of immunAware’s easYmer® product portfolio through Immudex’ global sales channels and integrating the easYmer® monomers into Immudex’ product offerings. 

immunAware’s easYmer® portfolio is by far the largest collection of peptide receptive, biotinylated HLA-A, B, and C molecules (>40 allotypes available). The peptide receptive MHC molecules allow scientists to quickly generate their own peptide-MHC class I monomers and multimer complexes, such as Dextramer® complexes, using appropriate peptides of interest – while keeping the peptide sequences proprietary in the process. The ease of assembly facilitates large-scale, parallel production of peptide-HLA class I complexes for high-throughput screening featuring various epitope candidates for discovery and optimization. 

Combining the versatility and HLA coverage of easYmer® reagents with Immudex’ Dextramer® and dCODE Dextramer® technologies, this partnership will provide researchers and clinicians worldwide with unprecedent flexibility, both in flow cytometry and in single-cell multi-omics, unlocking the exceptional power of immune profiling of antigen-specific T-cells at the single cell level.

“Our easYmer® portfolio of loadable MHC class I molecules offers the broadest coverages of allotypes relevant to the human population; the high coverage is crucial to the scientists working with and developing personalized immunotherapies based on T cells. During the pandemic, we have also seen how useful easYmers® have been to scientists working to understand the cellular immunity associated with COVID-19 and demonstrating T-cell immunity in response to COVID-19 vaccines” explains Dr. Anette Stryhn, Co-founder and CEO of immunAware. “The seamless easYmer® protocols generates reliable tools for immunology research and with the global reach of our partner Immudex, we can now bring easYmer® to a greater fraction of the immunology research community.”

Immudex’ CCO, Henrik M. Pfundheller, continues: “We are proud to become the global distributor of the loadable MHC easYmer® platform from immunAware. As we are expanding our commercial reach throughout the world, this new product addition will allow existing and new customers increased flexibility in their research combined with a new level of MHC I allotype coverage. Our partnership with immunAware allows us furthermore to integrate the easYmer® portfolio into new Dextramer® based product offerings.” 

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About Immudex

Immudex ApS is a pioneering life science company spearheading the global adoption of precision immune monitoring. Since 2009, Immudex has challenged the status quo in immunology by shifting the focus of monitoring from signals to immunity agents. The goal is to utilize the complex actions and interactions of the immune cells to help researchers understand the complexity of the immune system better and accelerate and predict disease prognosis more accurately. To that end, Immudex markets prime Dextramer® and DNA-barcoded dCODE Dextramer® MHC multimer technologies that grant researchers and clinicians detailed insights into disease-specific immunity resolved to antigen-specific T-cell populations. Additionally, Immudex is mandated by the CIC and CIMT to coordinate yearly evaluations of T-cell immune monitoring proficiency in the research community and drive the generation of high-quality data that advance immunotherapies. Research, development, and commercial activities are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with operations in North America out of Fairfax, Virginia. Find out more at

About immunAware

immunAware is a spin-out from the lab of professor Søren Buus at the University of Copenhagen, a pioneer within the field of MHC-restricted T cell recognition with over 35 years of experience in MHC biochemistry, and one of the inventors of the MHC Dextramer technology. immunAware specializes in the biochemistry of peptide-MHC I and II complex formation and offers a large collection of recombinant MHC molecules (>100 allotypes) as monomer, tetramer, and easYmer® reagents. The goal is to provide versatile MHC reagents and services of the shelf to assist scientists in their pursuit of generating new knowledge about the immune system and to exploit T cells in tomorrow’s medicine. All company activities are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Read more at