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We specialize in real-time, multipoint determinations of the dissociation rates of specific peptide-MHC class I complexes; something that amount to quantitative assessments of the stabilities of said peptide-MHC class I complexes.

Let us produce your custom peptide-mHC I/II complexes

Our repository of >100 MHC allotypes are available for custom production. We can deliver ready-to-use Tetramers with the label of your choice or biotinylated monomers. We can synthesize the peptide(s) or you may provide the peptide(s) of interest without disclosing the peptide sequence if confidentiality is important.

We will conduct a binding analysis of the pMHCs in question and subsequently produce the pMHC if the peptide(s) support pMHC complex formation.

or help you assess pMHC stability

Our extensive MHC repertoire is also accessible for precise stability measurements. Our detailed stability assessments yield valuable biochemical and functional insights; in particular, peptide-MHC stability has been reported as a superior correlate of immunogenicity (ref PMID: 22678897).

You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the experimental methodology. The results include half-life data and dissociation curves for each assessed peptide-MHC combination, providing a thorough understanding of stability dynamics. For comparison and whenever available, we will include stability measurements of known immunogenic peptides restricted by the MHC restriction element in question.

Confidentiality is key. We maintain the utmost confidentiality of the identities and sequences of any peptide you submit for analysis. We even offer to analyze blinded peptides (i.e. peptides of undisclosed identity and sequence).

For further details or to initiate a stability assessment, please contact us at