immunAware is a spin-out company from the laboratory of Experimental Immunology headed by professor Søren Buus at the University of Copenhagen. For more than three decades, we have specialized in the biochemistry of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and II molecules. During the past decade we have developed and refined methods to generate peptide-MHC class I and II monomers and tetramers. To support this effort, we have generated highly active recombinant MHC molecules, assayed their interaction with peptides, and generated large bodies of peptide-MHC data. With our collaborators, we have also generated the acclaimed NetMHC series of predictors hosted at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis. To cover the diversity of MHC, we have generated a large collection of MHC molecules now including most of the frequent MHC class I and II molecules found in major human populations. We have also generated MHC molecules from several other species (non-human primates, mouse, cattle, pigs, birds).

Through immunAware Aps, we aim at providing researchers all over the world with reagents and services related to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and II molecules. In particular, we offer peptide-MHC class I and II complexes, either as biotinylated monomers, or as tetramers. We also offer high-quality MHC class I molecules in an “easYmer” format allowing non-expert, end-users to generate their own peptide-MHC class I monomers and tetramers in their own laboratories.