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Your principal partner for cellular immunology research

We are dedicated to advancing the study of immunology through a focused exploration of peptide-MHC class by delivering reagents and services.

immunAware is centered on advancing immunological studies, with an emphasis on high quality reagents and services. We can help with assessing potential T cell targets though our peptide-MHC binding analysis and the stability dynamics of peptide-MHC class I complexes, catering specifically to the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors.

Our reagents and services are developed and produced in Denmark.

Core Expertise

immunAware was created by scientists with a long standing experience within the field of MHC biochemistry and T cell immunology. We have developed peptide loadable MHC class I reagents and refined the production of custom pMHC complexes which comprises >100 distinct MHC class I and II molecules, including HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C, HLA-DR and H-2 variants.

We have refined our capabilities to conduct real-time, online measurements of dissociation rates for specific peptide-MHC class I complexes, an essential parameter for drug development and therapeutic biotechnological research.

In line with the stringent data integrity norms of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, we uphold rigorous confidentiality protocols, ensuring the safeguarding of peptide identities and sequences throughout our analyses.

Product Overview

MHC Class I: ready-to-use monomers / tetramers with catalogued peptides or custom peptides suitable isolation or monitoring antigen-specific T cells.

MHC Class II: We ensure flexibility by offering ready-to-use tetramers and custom-made peptide-MHC class II solutions.

easYmers®: “empty” peptide receptive MHC class I molecules enables scientists to produce custom pMHC class I complexes in their own lab. Suitable for T cell monitoring or peptide binding assessments.


Our tools and reagents have been instrumental in recent research endeavors, especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. The insights gleaned from CD8+ T cell responses via easYmers® are invaluable for vaccine research and therapeutic development. Similarly, our contributions to oncological research enable a deeper understanding of T cell dynamics, vital for novel therapeutic interventions and drug development.

Three Decades of Cutting-Edge Innovation in MHC

immunAware emerges as a dynamic spin-out company, tracing its origins to the Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, under the stewardship of Professor Søren Buus at the University of Copenhagen.

Spanning over three decades, our unwavering focus has centered on the intricate biochemistry of MHC class I and II molecules. We have harnessed this expertise to pioneer and refine methodologies to produce peptide-MHC class I and II monomers and tetramers including the creation of potent recombinant MHC molecules, comprehensive peptide-MHC interaction assays, and the accumulation of large repositories of peptide-MHC data. In collaboration with our bioinformatics collaborators, we have introduced the acclaimed NetMHC series of predictors.

Recognizing the diversity inherent to MHC, our efforts have culminated in the assembly of a second-to-none collection of MHC molecules, now encompassing most of the prevalent MHC class I and II variants within major human populations. Extending our reach, we have crafted MHC molecules from diverse species, spanning non-human primates, mice, cattle, pigs, and avian species. Our journey is characterized by a dedication to the exploration and understanding of MHC, and it continues to evolve in concert with the ever-expanding frontiers of immunology and biochemistry.