The easYmer kit features a highly active formulation of MHC class I (MHC-I) molecules, which can be used to generate specific peptide-MHC class I monomers. To generate monomers of your choice, simply add your peptide and incubate.

To ensure optimal staining of your CD8+ T cells, we strongly recommend to experimentally determine if the peptide of interest supports pMHC complex formation The easYmer kit includes a simple FACS based protocol allowing you to validate proper peptide-MHC class I interaction (click here for protocol)

We also recommend that you use predictors (e.g. NetMHC series) to assist you in your design of suitable monomers.

The resulting monomers can easily be tetramerized with labelled streptavidin (e.g. fluorophore label for analysis in a classical flow cytometry assay or metal-label for analysis by CyTOF). The pMHC monomers can also be long-term stored frozen for later tetramerization.

The easYmer technology is highly flexibility and suitable for:

  • evaluation of peptide-MHC class I interaction.
  • small-scale tetramer production for screening of a large number of different epitopes in parallel (i.e. for staining of up to five T cell samples per tetramer).
  • full-scale tetramer production for screening of a single epitope in a large number of samples (i.e. for staining of up to 50 T cell samples per tetramer).