MHC Monomers and Tetramers


MHC class I affinity predictors
MHC class I stability predictors
MHC class II affinity predictors


  • MHC Monomers – new peptide receptive molecules added
    Our comprehensive list of MHC allotypes formulated as peptide receptive molecules continues to grow.  We recently added HLA-A*24:02, A*29:02, A*68:02, B*08:01, B*15:01, B*15:02, B*46:01 and B*57:02 to the list of our peptide receptive MHC monomers – we call them easYmers®. Naturally, you will also find the more commonly used HLA-A*02:01, A*01:01 and B*07:02 on our product list of peptide loadable...

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