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Catalog# 2037-03
Size 50, 150, or 500 tests
Organism HCMV
Epitope IE1 (IEDB epitop ID: 189486)
HLA Recombinant HLA-DRA1*01:01 / recombinant HLA-DRB5*01:01 with a C-terminal biotinylation.
Formulations peptide-HLA-II monomer, biotinylated
peptide-HLA-II tetramer with PE or APC label
Buffer PBS pH 7.4 containing 5% Glycerol
Application The tetramers can be used in flow cytometric analysis to characterise and quantify epitope specific CD4+T cells. The biotinylated monomer can be made into tetramers with optional labels.
For Research Use Only (RUO)